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1. Culture

Vera (pop. 15,000) was originally situated at the coast but was moved to the hills of Espiritu Santo by the Arabs. In 1518 an earthquake destroyed the town. According to the tales, Queen Isabel shot an arrow and ordered the building of Vera to be built on the spot where the Arrow landed. The church in the centre has been built as a stronghold to resist the attacks of the of Moors. Vera boasts that it is the sunniest place in Spain.
At 10km distance lies the Mediterranean-seacoast where over a distance of some kilometres a number of holiday parks with two or three floor properties are built. Some of these parks have a naturist purpose.
One of them is Vera-Natura, which lies immediately at the beach.
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Garrucha (ca. 6km) is a fishing town with a beautiful promenade. Every Friday there is a market. Several Internet cafes are in town.
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More southerly on the coast the town of Mojácar (ca 9km) is situated many new buildings with tourist accommodation.
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Some kilometres inland the dazzling old town of Mojácar is build on a mountain. There you will find picturesque streets, little shops and lively terraces.
Mojácar has a 4000-year-old history. Strategically strong by its high position and it’s wide view over the area. The Greek and the Moors occupied it. Since the 8th Century it grew as an important town for trading. This growth reached its peak in the mid 19th Century. The populations rapid decreas was caused by several dry periods until 1960. Since then tourism developed and Mojácar is flourishing again.
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Further south (ca. 60km) lies Nijar. This town is well known for its hand-made pottery and rugs, named “jarapas”. Traditional carpet making can be seen in the local textile mills. These products are sold in the many shops.
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Sorbas is an area famous for its cave tunnels of more than 50km. Its marvelous underground world is really worth a visit provided you do not suffer from claustrophobia since it is almost a journey to the centre of the Earth. Go to the website of Sorbas

90 kilometers from Vera lies Almería, a town with many attractions. The name “Almería” is taken from “Mariyat”, Arabic for “View over sea”. The town had one of the most important harbours of the Islamic world during the Kalifaat of Córdoba. The Arab fortress of Alcazaba build on a hilltop is a sign of the greatness of the town in that time (now 170.000 inhabitants). The stronghold still is a place where styles and influences are found of the nearby North-African coast.
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Murcia (140 km) is a town with a long history and historic architecture.
Granada (approximately 210 km) too is well worth a visit (Alhambra).

2. Golfing

Near Vera Natura there are two golf courses.

In Mojacar parallel to the sea is a beautiful golf course.
Club Marina Golf Mojacar, Avda. del Mar
04368 Mojácar, Almería
Tel +34 950 133 235
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Just north of Vera Natura, in Palomares (ca. 10km), lies the unique golf course “Desert Springs”.
Some call it the most spectacular golf course in the world, lying in the middle of a desert like landscape.
Desert Springs Golf Club, Calle Desert
04618 Cuevas del Almanzora, Almeria
Tel +34 950 467 411
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3. Diving

There are some possibilities to dive in the surroundings. You find 2 diving schools in Villaricos (5 km).
PADI diving school
Calle la Esperanza 7,
04618 Villaricos
Tel.950 467 572 of 675 321 404
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SSI diving school
Calle la Esperanza 12,
04618 Villaricos>
Tel.950 467 717 of 670 425 624
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4. Amusement parks

In Tabernas is “mini-Hollywood” (Two wild-west towns built for movies like “Lawrence of Arabia”, “Indiana Jones”, “A Fistful of Dollars”, “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly”, “For a view dollars more”, “Once Upon a Time in the West” and many more.
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Nearby is situated the ‘Reserva Zoológica’. A wildlife park where you can find a wide range of wild animals. It is possible to take a jeep safari through the park.
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Five minutes walk from Vera Natura is the water park with many water slides. Parque Acuático Vera opens from mid May until mid September.
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5. Sunbathing

As well as the swimming pool in the complex there are kilometres of sandy beach next to the complex. There you can enjoy a long walk or just sunbathing. In the summer water bikes and canoes are rented out. The sun beds at the pool are free of charge. On the beach they are for rent.

6. Nature

In the surrounding area nature gives a western-like impression. Huge cactuses and palm trees.
The wild park of Cabo de Gata-Nijar lies on the eastside of the Gulf of Almeria. 45 Kilometres untouched coast with a rough volcanic landscape. The highest mountaintops lie within the Sierra de Gata, a chain of mountain, which forms a natural front for rain clouds. In the desert like landscape are walking dunes, salt lakes and secret bays.
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